16 Aug 2016

Iskes is proud to announce the introduction of two new boats: the Telstar and the Arashi.

The Telstar

The Telstar is named after a local soccer club in IJmuiden. It is expected to embark on its first voyage in late July. The Telstar has 2 thrusters. It is remarkable that both thrusters are mounted in alignment under the fuselage - one under the prow and one under the stern. As a result, the Telstar has extensive maneuvering options. Another unique feature of the Telstar is that it is a hybrid tugboat. A combination of diesel direct and diesel electric propulsion ensures that it will consume less fuel. This also contributes to reduced CO2 emissions.

Telstar. 4

The Arashi

The Arashi is named after an Aruban beach: this brand new tugboat was specially built for Aruba and is therefore equipped for the tropics. For example, the Arashi can sail in higher-temperature waters, it has an additional refrigeration, and drinking water can be made on the boat. Recently, the tugboat embarked on its maiden voyage to French Guiana.