Continual improvement for the benefit of our customers

Iskes Towage and Salvage is committed to high standards of quality, health, safety and environmental practices in its towage and salvage operations. To achieve this, Iskes Towage and Salvage comply with ISO 9001 and ISM guidelines and are committed to:

QUALITY –Our quality is displayed through our people, always accounting for the details and following proper procedures with regards to safety. Quality shows in our service, putting the customer first. Quality shows with our equipment; we are constantly reinvesting in our fleet to ensure the most modern and up-to-date vessels with cutting edge technology.

HEALTH – Our proactive measures protect our most important internal asset, our employees. We know that the employee who makes healthy choices and works in a supportive environment that embraces well-being and healthy living will be more productive, will have greater job satisfaction and will work more safely.

SAFETY – Our number one priority; we take the security of your valuable assets seriously. At every level of business we follow stringent security policies and procedures, offer training programs, and implement a strict schedule of regular drills and exercises.

ENVIRONMENT –We work every day to reduce our environmental impact, continually exploring innovative ways to lighten our environmental footprint. With a constant focus on R&D, we are working to create future generations of tugs that will be both more efficient and more environmentally-friendly.