Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

The services of Iskes always focus on quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE). These priorities are embedded in our day-to-day business processes and are constantly monitored by the International Safety Management system.

Continuous improvement

Iskes strives to continuously improve the awareness and behaviour of personnel regarding quality, health, safety and the environment by performing regular internal and external audits. Training and appropriate education of all levels of management and the workforce play a major role to deliver a project safely and without risk to health or damage to the environment to the exact requirements of the customer and to comply with Health, Safety & Environmental legislation.


The Iskes quality management system has integrated the same Health, Safety and Environment policy in all our operational sites. Whether onshore or offshore our entire workforce is involved in this process. We are all responsible for the application of our HSEQ policy and we are all aiming to fully satisfy client requirements, with the following ongoing objectives:

  • take into account ethical values;
  • recognize our knowledge and expertise;
  • protect the individual;
  • environmental protection.

Number one priority

High quality standards are paramount to our customers, health and safety issues are vital to our employees and the environment is the foundation upon which we all build our future. At Iskes, we work uncompromisingly with quality, health, safety and environmental issues always striving to improve our performance and capabilities.

It comes naturally to us, as an integrated part of our daily work routines, to critically evaluate and assess our own processes, values and positions in a constant effort to create improvements that benefit both our customers and our employees. And it is for this reason that our day-to-day business is constantly monitored by a Safety Management System that is fully compliant with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.