Arrival door of the new sea lock

25 January, 2019

The first door of the new sealock in IJmuiden arrived on sunday the 20th of January 2019.
The three doors had already arrived in Rotterdam from South Korea in December, where they were manufactured.

The huge lock gate was towed from Rotterdam to IJmuiden last weekend, each of the lock gates is 72 metres long, 24 metres high and 11 metres wide.
Iskes’ tugboats Triton & Telstar assisted in the transport of the 2,900 ton gate.

Two of the gates will be put in operation, while the third one will be used as a spare gate.

The new sea lock will be 500 metres long, 70 metres wide and 18 metres deep, making it the world’s largest sea lock. Construction began in January 2016 and the new lock will be available for shipping early 2022.