Iskes start operations in Lisbon

02 January, 2017

Press release


Iskes Towage & Salvage and Rebonave will start operating a modern tugboat fleet in the port of Lisbon from 1stof January 2017 onwards. The newly created Joint-Venture will make use of the knowledge, assets and craftsmanship of both organisations.

Iskes and Rebonave with a large experience on maritime assistance operations, in particular port towage, on ports such as Amsterdam and Lisbon, have joined forces, to be able to accommodate and provide their clients with an alternative, excellent and global towage service.

The new joint venture with a modern and good fleet of tugs will be able to safely bring in any vessel that requires towage assistance in the port of Lisbon, with a 24/7 availability.

Peter Rondhuis from Iskes Towage & Salvage and MD of the new JV explains: Portugal and Lisbon play an important role in the maritime world, not only in the history but also today and in the future, with nearby crossroads to Asia, Americas and North-Europe the location is very strategical. We are very proud that Rebonave have chosen us to be their partner in their country and we hope that we can provide our clients the best possible service, on a growing global network.

Jose Costa from Rebonave and MD of the new JV adds to that: The skills and professionalism of our team will assure a high level of quality and satisfaction for servicing our existing and new clients.

We believe that we have found in Iskes the right partner with the focus on delivering an excellent  service to clients, with the same principles, namely through high maintenance standards to the fleet, believed to be the adequate, posture to Clients and the maritime community in general.

The Joint-Venture is looking forward to closely work with the authorities, clients, pilots, agents and other stakeholders in the port.

Rebonave is a family owned towage operator active in the ports of Setubal and Lisbon as well as offshore, Portugal since 1989 and operating 11 tugs.

Iskes Towage & Salvage is a family owned towage company operating since 1928. Iskes has operations in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam in Holland, on the Island Aruba in the Caribbean as well in French-Guyenne in Latin-America and offshore. Iskes operates 20 tugs.

For both companies this partnership in 2017, represents the opportunity to demonstrate their experience to serve Clients with excellence criteria.

The arrival of a new tug for the newly formed company – PTL, on Dec. 18th, to Lisbon port, demonstrate our committement and seriousness.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact:

Peter Rondhuis: [email protected]

José Costa: [email protected]