Hanko, Finland

In close operation with BTO tug ‘Lynx’ is stationed in Hanko where she’s involved in port operations.

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2 of our tugs are involved in port operations  Eemshaven and Delfzijl.

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Port Amsterdam

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Port IJmuiden.

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Lisbon, Portugal

In close cooperation in a joint venture with locally based towage and maritime assistance provider Rebonave, tug ‘Sirius’ is stationed in Lissabon where she is involved in port operations in Lisbon port.

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Cayenne, Kourou and Isles du Salut, French-Guyana

In a joint venture with dredging company Dutch Dredging, tug ‘Papillon’ and Fregate are involved in port operations in Degrad des Cannes(Cayenne), as well as sea going towing projects and on standby as an Emergency Response Vessel.

During 2018 activities in French Guyana will be increased with a new purpose build vessel.

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Oranjestad – Aruba

At Oranjestad tug ‘Arashi’ is assisting in port towage operations in Oranjestad and Barcadera Port. Next to the port operations, ‘Arashi’ is engaged with STS operations in the port and anchorage areas of Aruba.

As an emergency response vessel and salvage tug she has already proven her worth in the period Arashi is stationed at Oranjestad.

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Trave River, Germany

Tug ‘Argus’ is located in Travemünde where she is involved in port operations for Travemünde as well as for Lübeck, and assisting vessels up the river Trave.

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