Salvage / Emergency Response

Ready to handle any salvage request

Ships in distress always have priority to avoid loss of ship, cargo and lives but also to avoid environmental damages. In IJmuiden, Iskes is operating a dedicated 24-hour Emergency Salvage Response tug, with dedicated salvage teams on standby ready to meet any challenge in salvage work.

Over the years Iskes completed and participated in a number of salvage operations and wreck removals, including fire-fighting and re-floating operations, as well as many rescue tows.


Antipollution equipment (oil booms and skimmers) installed on board complete the service that our tugs are able to carry out.

Iskes limits your losses

We can mobilise at a moment’s notice whatever the requirement, be it a disabled vessel drifting, a vessel on fire, a sinking yacht or a grounded ship. Having a large variety of special salvage equipment in our warehouse in IJmuiden, we do everything we can to limit your losses.

Iskes is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU) and is co-operating with several of the major emergency response contractors.